‘THIS TIME AWAY’ – A Short Film by Magali Barbe

‘THIS TIME AWAY’ – A Short Film by Magali Barbe

Here is an interesting sci-fi drama short ‘THIS TIME AWAY’, featuring Timothy Spall and Jessica Ellerby, streaming on the DUST channel. The film had a great run in the festival circle with several international selections and was eligible for both Academy Awards and Bafta 2020.

Directed by Magali Barbe, the film follows an elderly man, Nigel, living a recluse life. Haunted by his past and memory of the family he once had, he now seems withdrawn from society and relationships.  

The film captures the essence of relationships, values of the family, and the reason to move on after a major loss in life. It portrays a complex relationship between a father and his daughter, and how they both choose to move forward in their lives.

As we can see in our everyday lives – there is a constant struggle between family lives, particularly when we grow old and have different choices that often push us apart from any relationship.

‘THIS TIME AWAY’ – A Short Film by Magali Barbe
A captivating and relatable sci-fi short film ‘THIS TIME AWAY’ from young director Magali Barbe and featuring an accomplished British actor Timothy Spall.

While young people find ways to forget any loss and move forward, elders often find this very difficult to move away from the sorrow and loneliness. ‘THIS TIME AWAY’ is a beautiful film with a message to accept life as it comes and how at times it becomes essential to remember those beautiful memories yet important to get over any loss, pain, and fear.

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We have not revealed much, so you can watch the film expecting more from this short film and the wonderful performance by Timothy Spall. There is a human relationship, and of course, there is a relationship between a man and a machine with intelligence. ‘THIS TIME AWAY’ is worth a watch as its emotions play well in such a difficult topic and with a heartwarming twist at the end.

Watch the film ‘This Time Away’ on YouTube

Would you like to learn more about the filmmaker, please visit the official website: https://www.magalibarbe.com/.

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