Sci-Fi Short Film: “Pinki”

Sci-Fi Short Film: "Pinki"

To begin with, the sci-fi short film “Pinki” from DUST is simple yet a great piece of storytelling depicting the essence of life when we take many things for granted while those were once the reasons for our happiness. At first, I was clueless about whatever was happening on screen and then everything fell into place.

Written and directed by Spike Hyunsuk Kim, “Pinki” follows a Korean business executive walking on the streets when he is obstructed by a pink-haired girl. As he tries to avoid the girl, a scrap monster makes a sudden lunge at him. Soon the pink-haired girl helps him, and then it becomes apparent that their past and future are somehow linked.

In the story, we then get to know that the pink-haired girl is the pink cassette player that the man had in his school days. Over the years, he has certainly forgotten the joyous days of his youth with the advent of new technologies, but somehow the value of those old devices, the memories attached, will always be priceless for anyone.

Concept wise, “Pinki” is a refreshing one with a philosophy attached to the story. It’s all about our memories, and the motivation we get from those to understand the purpose of life in general. I liked the way it’s been structured and the effort to give that visualization to whatever there is in the script. While I don’t see this as an out-and-out science-fiction film, it is indeed good as a modern fairytale.

Let us know your thoughts about “Pinki” and watch some of the fan-favorite sci-fi short films from DUST.

Watch the film “Pinki” here on YouTube

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