‘Descent’ (Short) – Powerful Visual Metaphor in Depicting Depression & Anxiety

‘Descent’ (Short) – Powerful Visual Metaphor in Depicting Depression and Anxiety

With ‘Descent’, director Helen Takkin brings this visually creative take on mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety. The short film very beautifully uses the metaphor of ‘drowning’ to depict a powerful message on the struggle of those who are in some sort of mental health problem.

Both anxiety and depression can be a result of many factors. These days with our fast-paced life, the feeling of sadness, hopelessness, worry, or fear of anything causes a larger emotional turmoil that leaves its scar on our health. While mental health problems are common, the subject of concern has always been the stigma and discrimination from society.

The short film ‘Descent’ highlights the need to keep an open mind in dealing with such issues. It is highly likely that some of our friends or colleagues may be under some sort of stressful circumstances, and they might not be comfortable in sharing with others, but they are certainly in need of someone who can ease their problem and pain.

In fact, research has shown than the best way to deal with depression and anxiety is to have a conversation. While the sufferer may not come forward to talk, we as friends or family members can certainly sense any behavioral change and take the first step in having a chat.

Descent from Helen Takkin on Vimeo.

‘Descent’ uses an impactful visual metaphor in the form of drowning and the rising water level as in the influence when one feels overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotions.

At the same time, the film also passes a message for all of us to keep an eye on our surroundings as someone may be drowning with fear, depression, anxiety, or any form of mental health issue. In the end, there is a road to recovery with love and care.

Actors: Henessi Schmidt, Meelis Veeremets, Kadi Põder
Production company: Get Shot Films
Director: Helen Takkin
Cinematographer: Meelis Veeremets ESC
Artist: Kamilla Kase (Set Set Studio)

Photo: Frame from the short film ‘Descent’ (Vimeo)

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