Inheritance (2018) – Inheriting & enduring a disturbing past


Writer/Director Tyler Savage’s “Inheritance” (2018) is a discomforting psychological thriller, although a slow-paced one; it has the right amount of tension to let us wonder about many things. The film has a decent story that evolves with mystery and makes the experience atmospheric.

“Inheritance” follows the protagonist Ryan who gets a surprise visit from a man who informs him that as per the will of his deceased biological father, he now inherits a luxury beach house. Strange is that Ryan barely remembers his father as he is adopted at a very young age. 

He now lives with his pregnant girlfriend with whom he hesitantly visits the inherited house, with an intent to sell the property. However, his past compels him to learn more about his real family. As he plans to spend some time in the house, he starts meeting mysterious individuals that heighten the suspenseful environment.

Ryan soon starts discovering his disturbing past related to his biological family that drives him crazy. His curiosity about his deceased father lets him learn about his mother and the possible reason behind his mother’s death.

The film, “Inheritance,” is however floating in between the horror and psychological genre. The good thing is that it never tries to fall under one theme. The film with a storyline that looks simple never really intends to give us any explanation, rather lets us wonder about many things and find our own answer.

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While the climax is self-explanatory considering the title of the movie, we still cannot be sure – whether the protagonist would go with his inherited psyche or try to change it for the greater good. “Inheritance” is philosophical and, in some way, cultural for its reference to a few key elements. It is definitely not supernatural albeit we get to see a few carefully planted scenes.

Chase Joliet as Ryan delivers an amazing performance and so does Sarah Montez’s portrayal of Ryan’s fiancé, who is concerned yet looking forward to quiet family life. With so much going on in the storyline, the dark tonality and an almost isolated location with not much outer interaction, the performance of its lead cast is praiseworthy.

If you have watched the film, please share your thoughts. “Inheritance” is currently available for streaming on Tubi TV.

Inheritance (2018) – Movie Directed by Tyler Savage

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