Month: November 2018

Savita Damodar Paranjpe: Marathi Thriller (Review)

Based on the popular Marathi language play of the same name, “Savita Damodar Paranjpe” is a psychological thriller narrating the story of a woman seeking revenge from a guy who ditched her. But the story has a little twist with supernatural elements.  It is a psychological thriller in which novelist Sharad’s wife Kusum shows strange […]

Small Town Crime (2017) – Movie Review

An alcoholic ex-cop when sees a dying woman lying on the roadside, through an act of self-redemption, finds a purpose in his life to track down her killer, but the path is not so easy. Starring Robert Forster and John Hawkes, this slick thriller follows a disgraced ex-cop Mike Kendall (John Hawkes) who when discovers […]

Transfers (Transferts) – A French Sci-Fi Series on Transferring Human Consciousness

Set in the near future when scientists have found a way to transfer human consciousness from one body to another, the French TV drama “Transfers” (Transferts) follows the character Florian who wakes up after a five-year-long coma but in someone else’s physical body. Florian Bassot (Alexis Loret) was enjoying a boating holiday with his wife […]

One Small Step (2018) – An Award-Winning Animated Short

“One Small Step” is an amazing animated short film of just seven minutes runtime that has captured a child’s emotion, imagination, and dreams. No, this short film is not produced by any of the big animation studios like Disney or Pixar, yet the film pulls us to something that is at par with any popular […]

Loads to watch on Netflix in December 2018

With Thanksgiving week, the holiday season has already kicked off and what better way to end the year than catching some of the finest movies and TV shows on your preferred streaming service platform – Netflix. Yes, Netflix has a plenty to throw at us in this December. The Netflix in December 2018 lot includes […]

YouTube Movies Starts Free Movie Streaming

With 1.9 billion monthly visitors, YouTube leads the business for video streaming services. However, with the advent of subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Hulu and several others, it is no surprise that Google is eyeing to experiment in this market segment. Google’s YouTube has quietly entered into the market of movie streaming […]

Paramount and Netflix Deal to Produce Original Films

American film studio Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC) has signed a multi-picture deal with streaming service provider Netflix Inc., to produce original films for Netflix. Both the companies are investing a lot in creating quality content in terms of TV shows and movies, and this deal will further their effort while it would be an opportunity […]

The Crew (2015) – Movie Review – A French Heist Thriller

French heist thriller “The Crew” (aka Braqueurs) directed by Julien Leclercq is now repackaged and available for streaming on Netflix. The film which has been available in the French language for quite some time is now dubbed into English. The film never promises a lot in action or story but a decent one in the specific […]

‘May the Devil Take You’ – Netflix – Movie Review

The Indonesian horror film “May the Devil Take You” (original title: ‘Sebelum Iblis Menjemput’) from the director Timo Tjahjanto (“The Night Comes for Us“) is a mixture of all kinds of horror movies. While the movie has many horrifying moments filled with gore and jump-scares, it never really comes out strong because of an unimpressive […]

Coming to Amazon Prime Video in December 2018

Amazon Prime Video streaming service is bringing some exciting shows and movies as we approach the year end. December will see some much-awaited new seasons of few popular series as well as some entertaining movies. Prime originals like Season 2 of the much-loved “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Dec. 5), period drama limited series “Vanity Fair […]

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