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“Scarface (1983) and Carlito’s Way (1993): A Comparison of Two Iconic Crime Films

SCARFACE (1983) and CARLITO’S WAY (1993) are two of the twentieth century’s most memorable films, released a decade apart. Both films have developed a sizable cult following since their initial release, and it’s easy to see why. These films are harsh, and realistic, and include some of cinema’s most unforgettable performances. But how did these […]

FERRY (Review): An Origin Story of the Drug Kingpin from ‘Undercover’

For those of us who have watched Netflix’s Belgian crime drama “Undercover”, FERRY brings the backstory to all that making of a brutal drug kingpin. However, if you have not watched the series yet, the latest feature film is not a spoiler; rather, it stands on its own with a refreshing take on the making […]

Small Town Crime (2017) – Movie Review

An alcoholic ex-cop when sees a dying woman lying on the roadside, through an act of self-redemption, finds a purpose in his life to track down her killer, but the path is not so easy. Starring Robert Forster and John Hawkes, this slick thriller follows a disgraced ex-cop Mike Kendall (John Hawkes) who when discovers […]

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