Month: October 2018

‘The Night Comes for Us’ – Netflix’s Ultra-Bloodshed Action Fest

Straightway, let us make it clear here that Netflix’s “The Night Comes for Us” is the bloodiest fight movie we have seen lately. Well, while this is an amazing movie, we can only recommend this to those of us who are into this genre and have the stomach to watch such an ultra-bloodshed action fest. […]

BODYGUARD: Series Review

British television drama series BODYGUARD is probably one of the finest political conspiracy thrillers of recent times that keeps us on the edge of our seats until the very last episode of the series. Writer Jed Mercurio’s storyline has been thoroughly engaging as we move from one to another in this six-episode series. The TV […]

Haunted – Netflix – Season 1 (Based on True Stories)

In this Netflix original horror series ‘Haunted’ (Season 1), real people share their horrific experiences in which they suffered because of supernatural forces. Each episode has a new story to tell; not all the stories are about ghosts but also concern aliens and psychological sides. The stories are real, and the narration is simple with […]

Annabelle 3 (Annabelle Comes Home), An Evil Doll To Target Warrens’ Daughter

UPDATE: Annabelle 3 is later released with the title “Annabelle Comes Home” which is a sequel to 2014’s Annabelle and 2017’s Annabelle: Creation. For all of us who are huge fans of The Conjuring movie franchise, here is the good news Annabelle 3 is coming in 2019. This we reported earlier this year – More […]

‘Replicas’ (Trailer II) – Keanu Reeves Starrer Sci-Fi

The Keanu Reeves starrer science-fiction thriller ‘Replicas’ has dropped a new trailer, one year after the release of the first trailer. Even though it sounds strange about this kind of delay, at least this makes it clear that the film is alive and will soon hit cinemas. Let’s watch the new trailer which looks much […]

Gurgaon (Movie Review) – An Indian Neo-noir Thriller

Director Shanker Raman brings a supremely talented cast and a really dark story based on the modern, yet one of the darkest corners of the Indian national capital region Gurgaon. Located adjacent to India’s capital New Delhi, Gurgaon today is known for high-rise structures, housing scores of multinational companies but also infamous for its crime […]

“The Possession of Hannah Grace” (2018) – Trailer Looks Chilling

What they say – ‘If an exorcism is not completed, evil will find a new vessel.’ So, here is the new horror film “The Possession of Hannah Grace” that involves exorcism and what happens when the ritual goes wrong and kills the titular character, Hannah. Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen, the trailer of the film […]

TRAILER: Director Claire Denis’ “High Life” Starring Pattinson

French filmmaker Claire Denis brings this deep space voyage “High Life” with a much more complex subject line as the trailer leaves no clue of what we might expect in the film. What we see in the trailer is that a father and daughter live aboard a spacecraft in complete isolation which probably explores more […]

“Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil” (2018) – Movie Review

Errementari – Movie Plot The Spanish horror film ERREMENTARI: THE BLACKSMITH AND THE DEVIL, based on Basque folklore, follows a brutal blacksmith who captures and tortures a demon he blames for his misery, but when a trespassing orphan girl – unaware of the danger – releases the demon, they now must face the grave consequences. […]

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