Haunted – Netflix – Season 1 (Based on True Stories)

Haunted Netflix Series

In this Netflix original horror series ‘Haunted’ (Season 1), real people share their horrific experiences in which they suffered because of supernatural forces. Each episode has a new story to tell; not all the stories are about ghosts but also concern aliens and psychological sides.

The stories are real, and the narration is simple with re-enactments yet leaves its impact with unsettling portrayals. The first installment of the series has six episodes with a runtime each under 35 minutes. So, it is easy to complete on a weekend afternoon or evening.

For anyone who believes in any such paranormal phenomena, it would be believable for you. Else, these still would be entertaining, and watching those incidents as narrated by real people is often terrifying.

However, on the filmmaking side, ‘Haunted’ could have been better and more believable, if it is presented as a simple horror anthology rather than a documentary kind narration. Sometimes, screen portrayal of such experiences or horrific incidents, no matter how far the truth is there, the result looks exaggerated.   

Nevertheless, the Netflix series ‘Haunted’ is for specific horror genre lovers, even though clichés are very much evident.  

Here is the official trailer of ‘Haunted’ streaming on Netflix

Episode 1 (Haunted, Season 1): The Woman in White

After moving into a new apartment with his family, a boy is haunted by frequent visions of a ghostly woman hanging in his closet.

In the narrated story by the real person here, the story shows how since his childhood the man is being haunted by a ghost and he is unable to keep himself away from the evil force. Even though he left the haunted house after six years of suffering, the ghost lady is still following him and trying to kill the man, when the man is long-married and has kids.  

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Episode 2: The Slaughterhouse

Two sisters grow up scared and alone in a real-life house of horrors, where their sadistic father does unspeakable things.

Named “The Slaughterhouse” in this real-life story – two women and other family members narrate how the elder man of the house was a serial killer and how he used to take pleasure by killing people after luring them into their house. Both the sisters lived a traumatic life by witnessing the killing of people by their father, while the mother used to act as an accomplice. Watch this episode to also learn how this has a devil angle to this.

Episode 3 (Haunted). Demon in the Dark

A young girl is convinced that a dark evil dwells in her grandmother’s basement, where a twisted family member once dabbled in the occult.

In this episode, a girl and her mother tell the story of their suffering a year after they suffered the presence of a growling demon in their house. The divorced mother was diagnosed and later bedridden with the disease lupus. This made both moves to the grandmother’s house where they occupied the basement. This is where the horror story starts as the basement has some history attached. It was the place where the girl’s uncle was previously practicing occult secretly that left a dark demonic entity behind.

Haunted – Netflix – Season 1 (Based on True Stories)
Haunted – Netflix Series Poster

Episode 4 (Haunted). Children of the Well

A decrepit old well in the basement connects a young boy to the spirits of three dead children who implore him to come down and play.

An old man narrates the story of when he was a 9-year-old young boy and just moved into a house where there was an old well in the basement. This was typical of the farmhouses of that time, where people used to dig a well and build a house over it. The family was extremely religious, where the dad was a truck driver and the mother had to take care of six kids. The strange thing is that to discipline the kids the mother used to use the Bible as psychological warfare. That’s not all, the house itself had its issues associated with the well.

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Episode 5. Alien Infection

Otherworldly sightings — and vivid flashbacks of unsettling medical procedures — plague a young woman for the rest of her life.

A young girl narrates her childhood experience when her mother gets diagnosed with breast cancer. One bright day, the girl suddenly starts seeing alien figures outside her home. In such a grave situation, when the girl’s mother is dying of cancer, she decides to live with that terrifying experience and not tell her mother about this incident. Then one night she saw a big flash of light and a huge alien spaceship outside her window. For long years, her life was infected by disturbing alien sightseeing.

Episode 6 (Haunted, Season 1). Stolen Gravestone

A once-protective spirit becomes possessive when the young girl who inherited his tombstone meets and marries the love of her life.

This story is a bit weird as a young woman tells her story and how she gets infected by the presence of some supernatural force after she starts keeping a gravestone with her. She thinks of the force as her guardian angel after being protected in a few instances and initially doesn’t see any danger in it. After a while, she starts experiencing a very strong feeling as the ghost starts getting closer. Things become horrifying when she gets married. 

Genres: Series, Reality, Variety & Talk Shows, Horror Programmes
Directed by Jan Pavlacky
Streaming Network: Netflix
Release Date/Year: October 19, 2018

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