Documentary Film – Living on One Dollar (2013)

Documentary Film Living on One Dollar

Living on One Dollar is an award-winning film that has been called “A Must-Watch” by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus. The film highlights the issue of poverty, scarcity of food, water, and other basic necessities to such an extent that it might be emotionally draining for many.

The documentary film follows the journey of four friends (Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci, Sean Leonard, and Ryan Christofferson) as they set out to live on just $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala. They go on to live a life of the locals who have no big dream but only to survive in immense hardship.

These four friends who had all the luxuries in their homes in America traveled all the way to this rural Latin American region to experience the adversity that life throws at many. In the course of two months they spent in living the life of an underprivileged in rural Guatemala, they battled intense hunger, parasites, and extreme financial stress as they attempt to survive life on the edge.

Even though they did not get any definite answer at the end, they certainly got some life-changing experience, being a part of the locals that there is certainly hope. The generosity and strength of Rosa, a 20-year-old woman, and Chino, a 12-year-old boy give them resilient hope that there are effective ways to make a difference.

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Living on One Dollar is a film and tool to help empower the extreme poor to take the first steps out of poverty.

Join Zach and Chris as they narrate this gripping journey of understanding. You will come away with deep empathy for the people of Peña Blanca and feel empowered that you CAN change the world.

To learn more about the makers, the film and their ongoing projects, please visit their official website.

Documentary Film – Living on One Dollar (2013)
‘Living on One Dollar’ is a documentary film directed, produced and edited by four friends: Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci, Sean Leonard, and Ryan Christofferson, as they battle to live on less than $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala, fighting illness and hunger.
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