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Horror Film “GUIMOON (귀문): The Lightless Door” (TRAILER)

Director Shim Deok-geun’s Korean horror-thriller “GUIMOON: The Lightless Door” is set for an August 18th release in South Korea and cinemas around the world in three different versions: 2D, Screen X, and 4DX. GUIMOON Trailer In the film’s storyline, the focus is on a haunted training center that is infamous for mass murder in 1990 […]

Martyrs Lane (2021) – A Ghost Story Or Just A Young Girl’s Nightmare

British horror film ‘Martyrs Lane’, directed by Ruth Platt, follows a little girl who happens to befriend a supernatural entity but soon she realizes that her world is in conflict with what she receives from the stranger. Shudder has acquired the streaming rights for North America, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand for ‘Martyrs Lane’. […]

TEDDY – French Horror Comedy Set to Stream on Shudder (Trailer)

Shudder has released a trailer for ‘Teddy’ – an upcoming French-language horror-comedy film. Earlier premiered at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, the film is now set for its release on streaming platform Shudder starting on August 5, although it’s already released in France on June 30. Written and directed by brothers Ludovic & Zoran Boukherma, […]

Caveat, Superdeep, Vicious Fun (Trailers) – Premiere on Shudder

Horror-themed streaming service provider Shudder has recently announced the availability of three promising horror films on its platform. From a serial killer plot to an underwater adventure, and then a story around a strange job of babysitting in a house of secrets, these three movies promise a lot more scares and screams. Let’s check out […]

The Strange House: A Fun-Filled Family Horror Film

The new supernatural horror film The Strange House (aka The Scary House) is one of those many predictable haunted house tales but with a good vibe with kids playing the lead. Based on the children’s book by Martina Wildner, it is a German-language movie from Austria with the original title Das schaurige Haus. Directed by […]

The Binding (2020) – Too Generic to Have Any Chill

The Binding (original title: Il legame) is a new Netflix horror film from Italy. In fact, it is a supernatural horror film, but it does not have enough chilling moments to make it interesting. The film is too generic with things such as demonic possession, a creaky old house, and some kind of curse associated […]

Four New Blumhouse Films on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is all set to release as many as eight new Blumhouse films and four of them are coming this October. Over the years, Blumhouse Productions has produced some very interesting horror films and its association with Amazon Studios will further its effort in reaching a wider audience. In a new trailer titled Welcome […]

THE WRETCHED: Teen Horror Brings An Evil Witch From The Woods

Looking to catch a quick horror tale with the usual flavor of gore in the presence of a monster? Here is THE WRETCHED, a fast-paced horror thriller written and directed by Brett Pierce & Drew Pierce (the makers of Deadheads). While the film is not all unique in terms of content or treatment, it is […]

‘Legend of The Muse’ – Horror Drama Based on an Irish Folklore

Written and directed by John Burr, ‘Legend of The Muse’ is a horror drama based on an ancient legend in which a painter draws inspiration from a mythical spirit that may or may not be his muse. While the film is not that thrilling or horrific in terms of jump scares or supernatural occurring, it […]

‘Shifter’ (Trailer): Horror Twist to a Time Travel Story

Upcoming sci-fi horror feature ‘Shifter’, directed and co-written by Jacob Leighton Burns, is set for an August 6th VOD release. The film has a time travel story that follows a young woman Theresa who randomly keeps traveling through time after an experiment goes wrong. Shifter is a science-fiction with a horror twist, as we watch […]

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