‘It Lives Inside’ to Unleash the Indian Mythological Demon ‘Pishacha’

‘It Lives Inside’ (Trailer): Unleashes the Indian Mythological Demon 'Pishacha'

The high school-set horror film ‘It Lives Inside,’ written and produced by Bishal Dutta, stars Megan Suri as a teen battling with her heritage, while popular Indian actress Neeru Bajwa goes into the horror genre with this frightening demonic horror flick.  

The film had its world premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival, where it received the Midnight Audience Award. However, ‘It Lives Inside’ has no official release date as yet, but NEON only states that it will be available soon.

‘It Lives Inside’ – Movie Synopsis

In the peaceful suburbs, Sam’s cultural identity crisis is just the beginning of her worst nightmare. Sam is further pushed to question her identity by her estranged friend Tamira and the mystery jar she carries around all the time, about which she claims “it lives inside.”  One day, when Sam shatters Tamira’s cryptic jar in a fit of rage, an ominous demonic presence seizes Tamira and takes her into the depths of the unknown. Sam embarks on a perilous journey, tracking down a young man who performed a fatal ritual, only to realize that she has awoken an ancient Indian demon called Pisach (also spelled pishach) that is now hell-bent on claiming her soul.

As her reality shatters into a million pieces, Sam watches in horror as her loved ones are ripped apart by the merciless entity’s unquenchable thirst for blood. With her world turned upside down, Sam must rely on her parents and a sympathetic teacher to join her on a quest to rescue Tamira and end the terror of the demon before it’s too late. But will they be able to stand up to the unrelenting evil that threatens to consume them all?

Watch the trailer below

Another spooky horror film, “It Lives Inside,” is going to be released this year, which is exciting news for horror movie aficionados. Furthermore, it’s fascinating to see filmmakers delve into scary aspects or folklore from various countries. When we watch or hear some of the horrific stories from other cultures, it will make the entire experience even more terrifying yet entertaining.

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