“The Curse” (Trailer): An Odd Mix of Home Flipping and Comedy

"The Curse" (Trailer): An Odd Mix of Home Flipping and Comedy

Showtime’s latest offering, “The Curse,” is expected to reshape the landscape of offbeat television. This genre-bending series, starring Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone, and Benny Safdie, promises a unique blend of home-flipping comedy and ominous mysticism.

“The Curse,” co-created and executive produced by Safdie and Fielder, who also directs, is set to be a rollercoaster trip of hilarity and anxiety. Fielder and Stone take on the roles of Asher and Whitney, a newlywed couple hosting a house-flipping TV show while expecting their first child.

The show begins with a glance into the eccentric nature of Asher and Whitney’s show, in which voiceovers flub and poor households are transformed. “This isn’t your average house-flipping show.” My houses reflect the communities in which I live. We’re also husband and wife. So, what could possibly go wrong?” In the trailer, Stone muses menacingly.

However, when producer Dougie (played by Safdie) encourages Asher to perform an unconventional act for the cameras, things take an unforeseen turn. An apparently innocuous move sets off a chain reaction that curses Asher by a mystery child. The tension rises from there, with weird occurrences like Fielder dousing himself in Gatorade and Whitney encountering a screaming woman in a teepee.

As the series continues, fans can expect a wild journey, with gunmen storming one of their homes and the couple’s marriage showing on the verge of falling apart. In the middle of the chaos, Asher contemplates the possibility that everything is happening for a reason.

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Barkhad Abdi, Corbin Bernsen, and Constance Shulman join the superb cast, adding depth to the already compelling story. A24’s production promises to push boundaries and engage spectators.

“The Curse” is Fielder’s latest project since the HBO blockbuster “The Rehearsal,” which was just renewed for a second season. For Stone, best remembered for her portrayal of Cruella De Vil in 2021’s “Cruella,” this series marks her return to the small screen following her involvement in the miniseries “Maniac” in 2018.

“The Curse” will premiere at the New York Film Festival before premiering on Paramount+ with Showtime on November 10. “The Curse” streams on Showtime on November 12.

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