Siddharth’s ‘Chinna’ (Telugu) – Official Trailer Release

Siddharth's 'Chinna' (Telugu) - Official Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for “Chinna” (Telugu), starring Siddharth, Nimisha Sajayan, and others. Chinna is the Telugu dubbed version of Siddharth’s critically acclaimed Tamil film “Chithha,” directed by S.U.Arun Kumar and produced by Siddharth himself.

Set to hit theaters on Friday, October 6th, Chinna infuses Telugu film with a fresh cinematic language or narrative. The film tells a gripping story with a powerful message, provoking debate across the country. Chinna’s description of a rarely discussed relationship, the unusual link between a paternal uncle and his niece, is emotional.


Chinna means everything to his niece, and she means everything to him. However, when she goes missing, Chinna goes on a relentless search for her, and his entire existence comes crumbling down around him. What follows is an emotional thriller that prompts the audience to ponder, just how far would they go for their loved ones?

Watch the trailer below

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