Korean Film: “The Childe,” directed by Park Hoon-jung

“The Childe” is a Korean thriller about Marco, a boxer with a troubled history who is being sought after by dangerous adversaries. He uncovers disturbing revelations in his pursuit of the truth. Kim Seon-ho, Kang Tae-joo, Kim Kang-woo, and Go Ara are featured in the Park Hoon-jung-directed film. Released theatrically on June 21, 2023, this gripping thriller promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The story follows Marco, a boxer with a mysterious past, who struggles to make a living by participating in illegal matches in the Philippines while taking care of his ailing mother. In order to raise money for her surgery, he travels to Korea to meet his father, whom he has never met before. As he arrives in South Korea, a mysterious man suddenly appears before him and starts chasing him persistently.

Furthermore, suspense deepens when Marco becomes the target of numerous other strangers, including Han Yi-sa, an affluent heir eager to inherit his father’s money, and Yoon-ju, an enigmatic woman from his past. As the story moves, surprising facts are revealed that topple Marco’s conception of himself and his past and cause him to question all he thought he knew.

With its gripping narrative, “The Childe” throws all of us into a world where the line between friend and foe blurs, and truth seems to be distant target.

Director Park Hoon-jung (The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion) known for his superb storytelling and command of the thriller genre, promises a rollercoaster of emotions and gripping action sequences that will leave us gasping for air. Besides, the film “The Childe” promises to be both visually remarkable and emotionally resonant, thanks to its captivating score and stunning cinematography.

Watch the trailer here for “The Childe”

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