South Korean Crime Thriller, ‘Smugglers’ (밀수) | Watch the Trailer

South Korean Crime Thriller, 'Smugglers' (밀수)

“Smugglers” is an upcoming South Korean crime thriller that is set to reach cinemas on July 26, 2023. Directed by Ryoo Seung-Wan, the story revolves around a group of fearless female divers in a peaceful seaside village.

Kim Hye-Soo stars as Jo Choon-Ja, who becomes a smuggler to support herself. Her friend Eom Jin-Sook (Yum Jung-Ah) leads a team of skilled divers. But things take a dangerous turn when they accidentally get involved in a secret smuggling operation.

Zo In-Sung plays Master Sergeant Kwon, the big boss of the national smuggling ring. As events unfold, loyalties are tested, and the tension rises, making it a thrilling ride into the 1970s world of hidden secrets and perilous decisions.

‘Smugglers’ is a heart-stopping crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat because the stakes are high and the consequences are catastrophic. Here is the trailer.

Director: Ryoo Seung-Wan
Starring: Kim Hye Soo (김혜수), Yeom Jung Ah (염정아), Jo In Sung (조인성), Park Jung Min (박정민), Kim Jong Soo (김종수), Go Min Si (고민시)
Release Date: July 26, 2023

South Korean Crime Thriller, 'Smugglers' (밀수) | Watch the Trailer
‘Smugglers’ promises to be a cinematic masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.
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