Baby Assassins (TRAILER): A Japanese Action Comedy

Baby Assassins (TRAILER): A Japanese Action Comedy

Baby Assassins (ベイビーわるきゅーれ) is an offbeat action comedy directed by Yugo Sakamoto about Chisato and Mahiro, two teenage assassins who are abruptly compelled to become ordinary members of society. Tensions rise as the pair is forced to coexist, but when Chisato gets into trouble with the yakuza, the two must set aside their differences and work together to fight the criminals.

Baby Assassins Synopsis

Teenage professional assassins Chisato (Akari Takaishi) and Mahiro (Saori Izawa) are suddenly ordered by their boss to become ordinary members of society and move in together to disguise their true identities. Their already unreasonable lives are now tangled up in tedious official business, absurd job interviews, and roommate clashes. Tension starts to rise when Chisato easily adapts to more conventional channels of employment, while Mahiro remains unable to cope with interpersonal relations. But when Chisato gets into trouble with the yakuza, setting off a battle with the clan and its eccentric members, the duo will need to set their differences aside and join forces to defeat the gangsters.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery & Thriller
Original Language: Japanese
Director: Yugo Sakamoto
Release Date (Streaming): Jul 22, 2022

Yugo Sakamoto, a rising star in the Japanese cinema business, has already garnered attention and appreciation for his films’ beautiful combination of savagery and absurdity. Baby Assassins has been a tremendous hit in Japan and will not disappoint fans of the action genre worldwide, with just the right amount of blood, comedy, and outstanding combat choreography!

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Where to watch Baby Assassins (2021)
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