Blue Thermal (2022): A fun anime about college kids who love competitive gliding

Blue Thermal (2022): A fun anime about college kids who love competitive gliding

Blue Thermal (ブルーサーマル), based on the manga series of the same name, is a coming-of-age narrative about Tamaki, a college student who becomes engrossed in the world of competitive gliding. Despite her clumsiness, she astounds her friends with an unexpected talent; nevertheless, will it be enough to propel her university to victory?

Blue Thermal – Movie Synonyms

Tamaki is an ordinary girl who idealizes love, and she moves from the countryside to Tokyo hoping for fun times in college. However, an unexpected event results in her joining the competitive gliding club. She gets swept away by the charms of gliding and surprises teammates with her unexpected abilities, despite her clumsy appearance. The inter-university competition is approaching. Can Tamaki lead her university to victory? And will her relationship with her older teammate move forward?

This coming-of-age animation depicts college students who are attracted by the blue skies and dive headfirst into the world of flying. The relatable heroine begins as an average girl and progressively discovers and matures her own talents while struggling with relationships. Blue Thermal is remarkable for graphics that are rich in beauty and openness, allowing viewers to experience the thrills and joys of flying alongside the characters. By conveying the universal coming-of-age story depicted in numerous sports through the peculiar sport of gliding, this film delivers a refreshing emotional experience.

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If you enjoy heartwarming films, this anime is a must-watch! Here is the Blue Thermal movie trailer:

Movie Title: Blue Thermal
Genre: Romance, Drama, Animation, Comedy
Director: Masaki Tachibana
Screenwriter: Masaki Tachibana, Natsuko Takahashi. Manga: Kana Ozawa
Cinematography: Yu Wakabayashi
Language: Japanese
Release Year: 2022

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