‘Special Cargo’ (특송) – Park So-dam Starrer South Korean Crime Action

‘Special Cargo’ (Korean: 특송) – Park So-dam Starrer South Korean Crime Action

‘Special Cargo’ (특송 | teuk-song), aka Special Delivery, starring Park So-dam of Parasite fame, is an upcoming South Korean crime action film. Written and directed by Park Dae-min, the film hits cinemas in the New Year on Jan 05, 2022.

The film’s storyline follows ‘Eun-ha’ (Park So-Dam) who is a highly skilled driver delivering all kinds of stuff, no matter the content of the package, including things that your usual postal office won’t deliver. As exciting it may sound with her 100% success rate, things take a quick turn when she gets involved in an unexpected delivery accident.

‘Special Cargo’ is expected to be the first action movie of Park So-dam who is known worldwide for her role (as Kim Ki-jung) in Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning movie Parasite. However, prior to the release of Parasite, she has already been known in South Korea for the film The Priests (2015) a supernatural mystery thriller, and the TV series Cinderella with Four Knights (2016).

In ‘Special Cargo’, actor Song Sae-byeok plays the role of ‘Jo Kyung-pil’, a ferocious police officer who chases ‘Eun-ha’ to recover a huge amount of black money and does not hesitate to do anything illegal for the sake of money.

Catch the teaser trailer here for the upcoming crime action film ‘Special Cargo’

Film: Special Cargo
Genres: Action, Crime
Native Title: 특송 (aka Special Cargo, Special Delivery, Teuk Song)
Screenplay & Director: Park Dae Min
Cast: Park So-Dam, Song Sae-Byeok, Kim Eui-Sung, Jeong Hyun-Jun, Yeon Woo-Jin, Oh Ryoong, Yum Hye-Ran
Running time: 108 minutes
Release Date/Year: Expected on January 5, 2022
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

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Where to watch Special Delivery / Special Cargo (특송)
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