Netflix Originals in September 2019

As per Netflix’s release schedule for September 2019, we have plenty to stream this month, including many Netflix Originals. Just like August that brought some great shows, including MINDHUNTER season 2, 13 Reasons Why season 3, the first season of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and Green Frontier season 1, among many others – the September month has a lot in the calendar.

Here we are listing every Netflix original coming in September, including films and web series. You can mark your calendar to ensure not to miss anything. Or if you want to see the full list of Netflix originals that debuted last month, please check one of our earlier posts – What’s on Netflix in August 2019

Archibald’s Next Big Thing

Happy-go-lucky chicken Archibald may not remember to do his chores, but he never forgets to have fun. After all, life is an adventure! The storyline focuses on giving value to the present and celebrating the journey, not just the destination.

The 13-episode (each just 25 mins) long season 1 would be an easy watch for kids. The series is inspired by the critically acclaimed children’s book from Tony Hale and Tony Biaggne. Emmy-winner Tony Hale also lends his voice to this animated series.

ELITE – Season: 2

Spanish teen drama ELITE is coming back with its second season.

Las Encinas, the best and most exclusive school in Spain where the elite send their children to study, is also where three working-class kids have just been admitted after their academy was destroyed by an earthquake and the local council divided up the students between the different schools in the area.

The clash between those who have everything and those who have nothing to lose creates the perfect storm that ultimately ends in a murder. Who is behind the crime?

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Written and directed by Emmy-winner Gideon Raff (Prisoners of War, Homeland and Tyrant), THE SPY is an espionage thriller inspired by the real-life story of former Mossad agent, Eli Cohen.

Cohen, the widely known Israeli spy in modern world history, was active in Syria during 1961-1965. This is the period when he got very close to the political and military circle of Syria and even became the chief advisor to the ministry of defense.

Eli Cohen collected and transferred many secrets of Syria to Israel that help them later in their success in the 1967 Arab–Israeli War, also known as the Six-Day War.

The spy thriller, a six-episode Netflix miniseries premiering on September 6, documents the true story of Cohen, who was captured and later executed in 1965 by the Syrian administration.

Tall Girl

Starring Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck and Sabrina Carpenter, Netflix’s new romantic comedy Tall Girl follows 6-foot-1 teen Jodi, who resolves to conquer her insecurities that her height has led her to believe, and eventually gets caught up in a high school love triangle.

Bard of Blood

Coming out of the Hindi film industry, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan produces this spy thriller “Bard of Blood”. The series is based on Bilal Siddiqi’s fictional espionage thriller novel The Bard of Blood.

This Netflix Indian Series will premiere on 27 September 2019. It follows a fictional Indian RAW agent Kabir Anand who teams up with other sleeper agents for a covert mission to rescue four fellow agents captured in Balochistan.

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The Last Kids on Earth

Based on the popular series of graphic novels by Max Brallier, “The Last Kids on Earth” follows a 13-year-old orphan who teams up with his friends to save his town from zombies and monsters. This action-packed animated adventure is premiering on September 17.

Vagabond – Season 1

Starring Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy and Shin Sung-rok, “Vagabond” is a Korean mystery thriller that follows a stuntman Cha Dal-geon, who loses his nephew in a plane crash.

The crash in which 25 children died is told to the public as an accident caused by a fuel leakage, but it was a lie. There is more to the tragic airplane crash, as Dal-geon ends up discovering a national corruption scandal in the process.

Here is what to watch on Netflix in September 2019

Please check the list below for the complete list of Netflix Originals streaming in September 2019.

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