‘Us’ Movie Trailer – Something Terrifying Is Coming

Lupita Nyong'o in the horror film 'Us'

Academy Award winner Jordan Peele is all set to scare the audience with his latest offering ‘Us’ – a truly terrifying plot, as we can sense from the trailer. Peele has already garnered a great fan following with his earlier psychological horror thriller ‘Get Out’, indeed a provocative, social-conscious horror film.

The ‘Us’ movie trailer has so far brought many fan theories in line with its interesting plot that follows a family of four led by mom Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o), who returns to her beachside childhood home with her husband, Gabe (Black Panther’s Winston Duke) and their two kids for a summer getaway.

After spending some fun family time at the beach, when they return to their vacation home, they find a creepy masked family invading their home and life. They soon realize that the mysterious strangers are just their doppelgängers.

The whole idea of finding lookalikes of ourselves running for our blood makes the plot very thought-provoking. While many might think that the trailer is pretty revealing, it is just enough to prompt our minds in thinking about the possibilities in the storyline.

‘Us’ movie is not just a horror movie but with some interesting messaging. The idea that ‘we are our own worst enemy’ stands true in many things. As a horror writer, Peele is certainly experimenting with some great ideas. Other than bringing creepy doubles, the use of scissors and bunnies that we see in the trailer and in ‘Us’ movie poster will have some connotation.

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A new nightmare from Oscar 2018 winner Jordan Peele – Watch the ‘Us’ trailer

One of the very fascinating fan theories floating on the internet is that the doppelgängers – known as “The Tethered” in the film – are the hidden or suppressed expressions that they hide in order to fit into a white-dominated society.

However, the director in an interview has ruled out that ‘Us’ is about race. Nevertheless, with the look of the film – there might be some subtle messaging in the film.

Another interesting theory posted by many Twitter users, including @Smooth_Orator and @nicewhitit, is that those lookalikes are the original protagonists while the others are clones. That means those in red clothes or “The Tethered” are fighting to take back their lives from the clones.

For now, we can simply wonder about any specific metaphor in the story – whether it is something to do with the fight within ourselves or any social commentary or even something to do with the downside to modern scientific experimentation like cloning. Nevertheless, we must be sure that Jordan Peele’s movies will have something for us to be excited about.

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