‘Veronica’ (2017) – An Extremely Chilling Horror Film

Veronica (2017) Spanish horror film directed by Paco Plaza.

Far away from the genre clichés, Veronica (VERÓNICA) is one of those special modern-day horror films that holds the essence of classic horror films with special weightage on characters and situations to create the most frightening experience.

Set in Madrid in the year 1991, this horror movie follows the titular character Veronica (Sandra Escacena), a teenage girl who lives with her mother – who works in a bar – and three young sibs after the death of her father. Considering her mother’s job all through the day, she takes care of her little brother and sisters.

One day in her school, during a solar eclipse, Veronica and two of her friends skip their eclipse observation activity and sneak onto a cellar to play Ouija. The girls try to contact their deceased loved ones, but something goes horribly wrong when Veronica tries to get supernatural messages in her effort to contact her father.

Thereafter, she has to constantly experience ghostly presence in terms of sound, horrible vision, movement of things, or even weird things happening around. The film follows her effort in trying to keep herself and her siblings out of any danger, as she struggles to face the being from the other side.

Director Paco Plaza has succeeded in delivering one of the finest horror films of this year. Based on a supposedly true story (some police reports), Veronica presents you with a very unsettling story in a very imaginative way, and with NO jump scares. The film also rises with some incredible performances, especially from Sandra Escacena and the three kids.

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While I must accept the fact that I am not that well-versed with much of the Spanish horror cinema, this is one of the finest, and in the league of The Conjuring and The Insidious (2010). On the whole, Veronica is a treat to watch as the viewing experience has been elevated with great cinematography, music, and above all the realistic portrayal of relationships onscreen.

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Genre: Horror
Sandra Escacena, Bruna González, Claudia Placer, Iván Chavero, Ana Torrent, Consuelo Trujillo, Ángela Fabián, Carla Campra, Chema Adeva, Miranda Gas, Luis Rallo, Nayara Feito, Carlos Cristino, Gema Matarranz, Samuel Romero
Director: Paco Plaza
Production: Apaches Entertainment, Expediente La Película A.I.E., Film Factory
Country: Spain
Release: August 25, 2017

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