REPLICAS (Trailer II) – Keanu Reeves’ sci-fi COMING SOON

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The Keanu Reeves starrer science fiction thriller REPLICAS has dropped a new trailer, one year after the release of the first trailer. Even though it sounds strange of this kind of delay, at least this makes it clear that the film is alive and will soon hit cinemas.

Let’s watch the new trailer which looks much better than what we saw a year ago. Nevertheless, we know Keanu Reeves is a wonderful actor and we should definitely give it a go when it finally reaches theatres.

Watch the movie trailer – Replicas

Compared to the one we saw a year ago, this new trailer looks darker and more intense. Now, the character of Reeves as a synthetic biologist, who goes all-out in exploring possibilities to bring his family back to life after they are killed in a car accident looks interesting. However, it’s difficult to talk more about a film with little details we have.

Plot Outline – REPLICAS

A neuro-scientist Will Foster (Reeves) is on the verge of successfully transferring human consciousness into a robot, when his family is killed in a horrific accident. Determined to save his wife and children by bringing them back to life with modern cloning technology, Will and his fellow scientist Ed Whittle (Thomas Middleditch) secretly tried to clone the bodies and create replicas. In the process to achieve his Frankenstein kind experiment, he is up for violating all the possible laws and principles but has to face some bigger challenges.

REPLICAS is directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff who has earlier written the screenplay for the 2004 successful science fiction film “The Day After Tomorrow” and have also co-written the script of “The Tourist” (2010). Previously, he has also written and directed the 2008 film “Traitor”.

The movie also features Alice Eve, John Ortiz, Thomas Middleditch, Emily Alyn Lind, Emjay Anthony and Nyasha Hatendi.

Entertainment Studios is yet to set a release date for REPLICAS, although the IMDB page of the site puts release for Lithuania and Mexico as October 26, Portugal as November 1, and Netherlands on December 6.



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