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Run Like Hell movie

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Written and directed by James Thomas, Run Like Hell is just a lame thriller which doesn’t give you an ounce of thrill in the entire film. There has been no head or tail of this film other than numerous killing scenes by a group of fellows whose motives behind their psychotic acts remain unknown till the very end.

The film starts with four friends who go for a road trip and as they decide to go for some sightseeing on their way, they halt near a large stone known as Elvis Stone. As they move away from their vehicle to see the stone, a guy steals their car leaving them stranded on the middle of the highway.

Stranded in a small town with no help as such, a local family offered them food and rooms to stay for a couple of days as the sheriff promises to find their vehicle. However, the family’s real motives turn out to be something else, which leaves nothing for them but to run for their lives.

Run Like Hell is nowhere close to the horror genre, at the same time, it doesn’t offer you any nail-biting thrill. The first thing you might have thought about this film is that it might be another version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as you watch the opening scenes. No, it’s not that, although you will see tons of gores and blood.

I can see that here the makers intentionally did not want to give the tag of a particular genre. It’s a mixture of horror, thriller and action. One thing many might like in the movie is that it’s not a one-sided killing by the bad men, rather a reversal at times.

I cannot talk much about the acting, as there is hardly any dramatic moment to act upon. I don’t think, this is a kind of movie you will watch over and over again, but at least you may watch it from the filmmaking point of view. Then, this doesn’t make any sense for average cinema goers.

Starring: Dave Finn, Canyon Prince, Robyn Buck
Director: James Thomas
Genres: Action-Horror-Thriller



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