13 Tzameti (2005) – a game of life and death

13 Tzameti suspense thriller

I had heard a lot about this suspense thriller 13 Tzameti for its sheer onscreen tension and emotion as a deadly gambling game for life that takes toll of one after other. Georgian filmmaker Gela Babluani teams up with his younger brother Georges Babluani, who plays the protagonist Sebastien, to deliver one of the finest French movies.

Well the director somehow wanted to give the film a look of 60s crime-thrillers and so the shooting in black and white. However, in his maiden attempt, Babluani was sure that until and unless he has a strong storyline his idea of creating a thriller is of no good.

The story is pretty much simple as a 22-year-old man Sebastien (George Babluani), who works a housing roofer, one day stumbles on a letter what appears to him as a way to earn lots of easy money. The man Godon for which the letter was originally addressed dies of an overdose, and hence Sebastien decides to take Godon’s place and go for that mysterious job that eventually lands him into a deadly game of life and death.

The fatal game of life and chance where criminals bet on the lives of players, who are willing to test their luck by keeping guns over each other’s head in a circle, turns dark and dangerous. Although Sebastien’s real identity was revealed once he reaches at a strange location in a French countryside, he was forced to participate in the game.

13 people have to vie for their luck to be the last to survive for that huge amount of money. 13 Tzameti keeps you guessing till the very last shot. With sheer tension and suspense, this movie on this unconventional gambling game will surely catch your attention.

Nevertheless, what most of us might agree is that 13 Tzameti could have been much better if the director focused on the acting a little more, or a little more characterization. But the best part of the film is that even if, as an audience, you feel less connected or involved with the character, it still tempts you to watch till the very end, not just to know what happens to the main character but to know how the story ends. And the story ends very beautifully.

Movie name: 13 Tzameti
Genre: Thriller
Language: French
Writer and Director: Gela Babluani
Stars: George Babluani, Aurelien Recoing, Philippe Passon, Pascal Bongard, Vania Villiers

13 Tzameti Movie Poster
13 Tzameti Movie Poster



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