Month: August 2013

‘The Others’ (2001) – A Unique Spooky Horror Tale

Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar brings this psychological/supernatural horror film THE OTHERS which is an art piece with excellent narration. What you should expect here is not just another haunted-house tale where the living meets the dead with all creepiness; rather it is the other way around. Set in post-WW II England, the movie tells the […]

13 Tzameti (2005) – A Life-or-Death Game

I’d heard a lot about the suspense thriller 13 Tzameti because of its sheer onscreen tension and emotion as a deadly gambling game for life-or-death that takes its toll on one after the other. Gela Babluani, a Georgian filmmaker, collaborates with his younger brother Georges Babluani, who plays the protagonist Sebastien, to create one of […]

Bedroom (2012) – An Urban Bengali Drama

In the vast number of regional films produced in India, mostly commercial, there are very few movies that can catch viewers’ attention outside any specific region. Director Mainak Bhaumik’s Bengali drama “Bedroom” is one of those few exceptions that have stood out with exceptional content and universal appeal with characters that represent urban Indians and […]

The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) – With an Extremely Emotional and Powerful Story

Starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, and Ray Liotta, director Derek Cianfrance’s crime drama “THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES” is an amazing movie from story to performance and direction. Yes, it’s yet another good film from the director’s last success “Blue Valentine” (2010) – an interesting family drama.   If I’ll have to sum […]

DEAR JOHN (2010) – Another Romantic Tale of Sparks

I have had read the book so never find myself inclined to watch the movie, as most of the time when I know the story it doesn’t excite me much to watch its film version. This is probably, as I often become too critical after watching the movie comparing it with the narration in the book. Well, […]

‘Abduction’ (2011) – Doesn’t Thrill You Much

This John Singleton-directed action thriller Abduction is not the one that will keep you on edge till the last moment. And even if it does a bit, it still lacks the frame with a comically over-simplified backstory. I wonder what the director of Boyz N the Hood is trying to do with such an ensemble of reliable actors. As […]

The Hunter (2011) – on modern age animal extinction

THE HUNTER is an excellent adventure thriller telling the story of Martin David, a skilled mercenary, but now sent into the Tasmanian wilderness on search for a tiger believed to be extinct centuries ago. Hired by the mysterious Red Leaf Corporation, a biotech company, that wants the tiger’s genetic material, he arrives at a heavily […]

Anne Of Green Gables (1985) – A Magical Tale

Based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel “Anne of Green Gables”, this Canadian television drama film is indeed magical with the content and performances of its lead characters. Well, many of us may have read the book but with Kevin Sullivan’s direction, you get the same Anne with her fiery spirit and imagination that have been […]

Fist Of The Warrior (2009) – A Revenge Saga

Well, I was searching for something else when I got the DVD of this movie named Fist of the Warrior. Just looking at the poster of this action flick I assumed this to be one of those many martial art films sans story, but to my surprise, it does have a story – a story of […]

6 Bullets (2012) – All for Van Damme Action

If you are a great fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme or want to watch something within a short time of one and half hours or even less by fast-forwarding, go for the action thriller Six Bullets (6 Bullets) directed by Ernie Barbarash, who is best known as the co-producer of films like American Psycho and Cube 2. […]

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