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‘Horns’ (2013) – A Supernatural Fantasy Mystery

Daniel Radcliffe’s “Horns” is a supernatural fantasy mystery based on a novel by Joe Hill. To begin with, I never have read any of Hill’s literary pieces, so my observations will be fresh. “Horns,” tells the story of Ig Perrish (Radcliffe) who is accused of murdering his longtime girlfriend (Juno Temple). While his whole town and even […]

‘The Others’ (2001) – A Unique Spooky Horror Tale

Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar brings this psychological/supernatural horror film THE OTHERS which is an art piece with excellent narration. What you should expect here is not just another haunted-house tale where the living meets the dead with all creepiness; rather it is the other way around. Set in post-WW II England, the movie tells the […]

The Odessa File (1974)

Based on Frederick Forsyth’s novel of the same name, THE ODESSA FILE is a classic thriller set in Hamburg in the winter of 1963. The film tells the story of a German reporter who is investigating the missing Nazi war criminals, who had committed serious crimes against the Jewish population, and are now placed high […]

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