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‘Before I Fall’ (2017): A Time-Loop Teenage Drama (Review)

Before I Fall is about the girl named Samantha Kingston who relives her last day over and over again until she goes through a journey in which she realizes who she really is and who she wants to become. Directed by Ry Russo-Young and written by Maria Maggenti, the film is based on a 2010 […]

‘A Landscape of Lies’ (2011) – About an Ex-Gulf War Soldier

‘A Landscape of Lies’ is a Pandora’s Box of secrets that will draw you into its shadowy hidden world of abuse, betrayal, and violence. These dark themes are subtly illuminated by the characters’ poignant web of interweaving storylines, coming together to create a tapestry of both the best and worst faces of humanity that we try […]

‘Indigenous’ (2014) – Horror – Tries Too Heard to Meet Genre Expectations

Ever since Paranormal Activity is released, the found-footage style of filmmaking has become a norm in the horror genre. Of course, the whole style of filmmaking where one or more characters in the film record the happenings while being an integral part of the story makes the whole experience interesting. However, one needs to be particular about […]

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