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‘Before I Fall’ (2017): A Time-Loop Teenage Drama (Review)

Before I Fall is about the girl named Samantha Kingston who relives her last day over and over again until she goes through a journey in which she realizes who she really is and who she wants to become. Directed by Ry Russo-Young and written by Maria Maggenti, the film is based on a 2010 […]

Tere Naam (2003) – One of Salman Khan’s best performances

I’ve been trying to review some good Hindi films recently, and today I’ve chosen Tere Naam, which is regarded as one of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s best performances. Khan was already a well-known star when this film was released in 2003, but I believe he had never performed so well in such a complex storyline […]

A River Runs Through It (1992) – The Story of a Family

Many times, I stumble upon movies that make me philosophical about life, family and our loved ones. A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, directed by Robert Redford, is based on the writer Norman Maclean’s autobiographical story of growing up in Montana and tells us about a Presbyterian minister father and his two sons: one studious and […]

Field of Dreams (1989) – A Tribute to Dreamers

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson, FIELD OF DREAMS is a gem that talks about the courage to follow our dreams, the importance to live a happy life with our loved ones, and the essence to share a close bonding with our parents. We all have some unfulfilled wishes, dreams, or regrets that we carry till […]

“Grave Encounters” – Adds to the Revival of Horror Cinema

I had no idea Sleepy Hollow was a horror film when I first saw it. Similarly, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds is entertaining even without a ghost. For me, watching horror movies with great expectations is routine, but only a few have been impressive. Most horror films today are excessively bloody, gory, and disturbing […]

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