‘A Landscape of Lies’ (2011) – About an Ex-Gulf War Soldier

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‘A Landscape of Lies’ is a Pandora’s Box of secrets that will draw you into its shadowy hidden world of abuse, betrayal, and violence. These dark themes are subtly illuminated by the characters’ poignant web of interweaving storylines, coming together to create a tapestry of both the best and worst faces of humanity that we try desperately to shield ourselves from.

The message of the film will challenge you; forcing you to think not only of morals and motives, but dare you to rethink your perceptions of right and wrong whilst presenting a twist that pushes you to look within yourself and ask the most uncomfortable questions.

‘A Landscape of Lies’ – Movie Synopsis

Haunted by the memories of his time in the Gulf war, Jacob tries to adjust to civilian life aided mainly by his friendship with his commanding officer, Hilt who has made civvy life work for him.

However, Jacob’s stable reality is crushed when Hilt is killed during a suspected mugging that went wrong. Now Jacob feels that it is his duty to find the truth behind the incident and bring closure to Hilt’s widow, Louise.

His investigation has him going head to head with DCI Lane and his partners Sergeant Egan and DC Carter as his own life starts to entwine with those, he suspects of being involved. Amongst them is East End villain turned property tycoon Brannigan Woods, Marcus Clancy whose recent workaholic attitude has put a strain on his marriage to cheating wife Claire and their rebellious teenage daughter, Hannah.

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Dr Audrey Grey is the couple’s therapist who is trying to keep the family together whilst her own existence is slowly sinking into self-destruct mode, with only her receptionist Suzy to keep her sane.

Jacob soon discovers that not all is as it seems, as the pieces are maneuvered into place to keep him distracted whilst the final move is played.

Here is the movie trailer of ‘A Landscape of Lies’

Starring: Andrea McLean, Danny Midwinter, Andre Nightingale, Anna Passey, Philip Brodie, Marc Bannerman, Danny Young, Lucinda Rhodes, Victoria Hopkins, Daniel Peacock, Mel Mills, Christina Baily, Helen Latham, Rosie Ginger
Written and Directed by Paul Knight
Produced by: London Knights Productions

Content courtesy: http://www.londonknightsproductions.co.uk/

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