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Fight Valley – MMA Action Thriller

Fight Valley is an MMA action thriller starring some of the big names from UFC. Directed by Rob Hawk who has also made a film entitled “COLD” starring UFC fighter Felice Herring seems obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts. Nevertheless, this one starring Miesha Tate and Holly Holm looks without any heart or soul. The film is […]

Wild Card (2015) – Yet another mediocre action flick

Based on William Goldman’s 1985 novel Heat that was then filmed with Burt Reynolds in the lead (1986 film Heat), the new version Wild Card is a big disappointment considering it is an action thriller. Action star Jason Statham reprises the role played by Reynolds but ends up over-playing with less action but more dialogues […]

‘Everly’ (Trailer) – Salma Hayek On A Killing Spree

Salma Hayek starrer ‘Everly’ follows a desperate woman, trapped in her apartment, who must face down scores of assassins, sent by her ex, a dreadful drug kingpin. The trailer of the film has been released recently which seems really great in a single-room set. The movie is available on iTunes and VOD. So, if you […]

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