Fight Valley – MMA Action Thriller

Fight Valley (2016)

Fight Valley is an MMA action thriller starring some of the big names from UFC. Directed by Rob Hawk who has also made a film entitled “COLD” starring UFC fighter Felice Herring seems obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts. Nevertheless, this one starring Miesha Tate and Holly Holm looks without any heart or soul.

The film is based on a very simple story of a girl Windsor who is in search of the killer of her younger sister Tory. She was found dead in the streets of Fight Valley, infamous for illegal fights. Going with the rumor that Tory is yet another victim of the fatal fights, Windsor begins her own investigation into her sister’s mysterious death.

In the streets of Fight Valley, she meets Jabs (Miesha Tate), the most feared and respected ex-fighter around. Without getting any clue about her sister’s murderer, Windsor realizes that to survive in the town she will have to get into the fight circle as a real fighter. Under the training of Jabs, Windsor is determined to come face-to-face with Tory’s killer and fight for justice.

On the other side, Jabs who swore she would never throw a punch in the Valley again finds herself training Windsor to survive the painful, unexpected path she’s about to take. While Windsor follows her heart to find Tory’s killers by jumping into the dangerous fight scene, she discovers further about those involved in her sister’s killing.

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Fight Valley doesn’t have anything that will excite you. Even if you love MMA, the fight scenes here are very badly choreographed. You may expect good acting from real fighters, but at least the action sequence could have been realistic. While overall acting doesn’t help to build the storyline, a very bad screenplay further erases the whole scope of such an action flick.

Starring: Miesha Tate, Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg, Susie Celek, Erin O’Brien, Chelsea Durkalec
Genre: Action Thriller
Directed by: Rob Hawk
Release date: July 22, 2016

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