Indie Korean Horror THE HUMAN TRAP Premieres on Amazon Prime

Indie Korean Horror THE HUMAN TRAP

South Korean horror film “THE HUMAN TRAP” debuts on Amazon Prime and other VOD/Streaming Platforms on January 12, 2024.

In The Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods tradition, the film follows a group of naive teens whose weekend outing turns into a deadly camping trip from hell. Before they can sing the first stanza of Kumbaya, the foursome is rounded up and taken to a makeshift medical lab where a deranged Christian “doctor” and his evil assistant plan shocking medical experiments on the captured teens.

Infused with pitch-black humor, the horror film unleashes waves of shocking violence as the terrified teens fight for their lives.

Lee Moon-young directs the film and stars Kim Dong-ho, Byeol Kang, Park Yeon-woo.

Title: The Human Trap (originally titled, The Trap)
Starring: Kim Dong-ho, Byeol Kang, Park Yeon-woo
Director: Lee Moon-young
Year: 2021
Country: South Korea
Running time: 84 minutes

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