Norwegian Thriller ‘Good Boy’ (Watch the Trailer)

Norwegian Thriller 'Good Boy' (Watch the Trailer)

With the release of its official trailer, the upcoming Norwegian thriller “GOOD BOY,” has sparked excitement and sent chills down viewers’ spines. This mysterious movie, which is written and directed by Viljar Boe, who is most known for his earlier work on “Til Freddy,” takes viewers on a rollercoaster of mystery, humor, and spine-tingling tension.

The heart of the story lies in the unconventional romance between Christian (Gard Lokke), a wealthy heir, and Sigrid (Katrine Lovise Opstad Fredriksen), a student. Their promising connection takes a twist when Sigrid discovers an unexpected secret lurking within Christian’s life.

The trailer introduces an idyllic first date, brimming with chemistry and laughter. However, the tone shifts sharply as Sigrid encounters an unsettling truth – Frank (Amalie Willoch Njaastad). Frank lives as a dog, cared for by Christian like a pet, setting the stage for a psychological journey that blurs reality and trust.

Sigrid’s curiosity unravels a series of unsettling truths, leading her to question the depths of Christian’s relationship with Frank and the seemingly innocent “puppy play.” As she delves deeper, the film ventures into the realms of psychological suspense, testing Sigrid’s perception of reality and trust.

GOOD BOY: Starring: Gard Løkke, Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredriksen

Viljar Boe’s directorial vision masterfully blends romance, psychological thriller, and dark comedy, crafting a captivating narrative that defies genres. Early viewers compare the film’s unpredictability to a darker Michael Haneke, rife with unexpected twists.

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The trailer release has ignited anticipation, with viewers eagerly awaiting the film. Social media is abuzz with excitement, describing the trailer as chilling and intriguing. One viewer shared, “Chills! Can’t wait for this spooky movie.” Another noted the film’s captivating eeriness, declaring it weird and creepy in the best way.

Watch the trailer here for ‘Good Boy’

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Horror
Original Language: Norwegian
Writer/Director: Viljar Bøe
Release Date (Theaters): Sep 8, 2023
Distributors: Saban Films, Blue Finch Film Releasing

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