BARAT: Short Film Review

BARAT Short Film Review

The short film BARAT is masterfully crafted, narrating a tale of a greedy man with a suspense-filled plot that keeps us guessing until the very end. It was written and directed by Hitesh Dhawan and stars Akhilendra Mishra, one of the well-known performers in the Hindi drama and cinema industry.

The film BARAT centers on a middle-aged man (Mishra) who visits a panipuri shop. It seems that he frequently doesn’t hesitate to lie to the panipuri vendor in order to get one or two extras and enjoy the dish to the fullest. Being a miser by nature, he once began to pick up a mysterious trail of cash as he began to pick up Rs. 20 notes, only to discover a spooky surprise as a result of his actions. 

In a very beautiful way during its brief running time of less than 20 minutes, the short film BARAT conveys the lesson about not being greedy and how, in accordance with karmic beliefs, an excessive pursuit of monetary things might eventually come back in the shape of hardships or negative repercussions.

Despite being short, the film is well-made and suspenseful, with a good twist at the end. Mishra delivered a particularly memorable performance as the greedy protagonist. The film’s setting, a deserted road at night, is also effectively used to create a sense of fear and uncertainty. The end is predictable yet the story remains impactful.

BARAT is an effective and entertaining short horror film. Overall, I enjoyed Barat and I would recommend it to fans of the horror genre. Navigate to the Pocket Films YouTube channel to stream it, and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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