“Sanctuary” (Netflix Series): Chronicles the Journey of a Rebellious Young Sumo Wrestler

"Sanctuary" (Netflix Series): Chronicles the Journey of a Rebellious Young Sumo Wrestler

The upcoming Netflix series “Sanctuary” centers around a young, tenacious individual who joins the world of sumo wrestling, impressing fans with his arrogant demeanor and disrupting an industry rooted in longstanding tradition.

“Sanctuary” premieres exclusively on Netflix starting from Thursday, May 4th, 2023.


“Sanctuary” tells the story of Kiyoshi Oze, a troubled delinquent played by Wataru Ichinose, who finds solace in the world of sumo wrestling. Despite the fact that it has been a part of Japanese culture for 1,500 years, the world of sumo remains cloaked in mystery. The ring, known as “dohyo,” is regarded as a sanctuary and serves as the foundation of this extraordinary world.

Oze, who lacks motivation and disobeys his seniors, is deemed hopeless by his peers. However, he slowly immerses himself in the world of sumo and meets Shimizu (played by Shota Sometani), a sumo enthusiast with an imperfect physique, and Kunishima (played by Shioli Kutsuna), a reporter assigned to cover sumo.

The series portrays the struggles of these young characters as they navigate their way through life and the challenges of the sumo world. It depicts their spirited fight for success in the face of despair, all while being at the mercy of the “sanctuary.”

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