Hellbound will return for season 2

Hellbound will return for season 2

“Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang-ho who most recently directed the critically acclaimed supernatural dystopian horror series Hellbound is all set to bring the series back for a second season.

Hellbound, starring Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, and Park Jeong-min, received positive reviews around the world, and fans were hoping for a sequel. Tudum, the Netflix Global Fan event, confirmed this today.

With more interesting stories in season 2, we can delve deeper into the themes of mortality, sin, and justice. 

Based on the legendary webtoon The Hellbound by Yeon Sang-ho and Choi Gyu-seok, Season 1 featured unearthly beings delivering bloody condemnations by appearing out of nowhere to drag people to hell, and a religious group named The New Truth flourishing on the idea of divine justice.

Tudum revealed a reprise of Season 1’s cliffhanger ending, where protagonist Park Jung-ja, one of the first victims sent to hell, comes back via a shocking resurrection. At the event, this intriguing season finale twist was followed by the brief but spine-tingling official announcement of Season 2: “All Hell Breaks Loose Again.” 

The expanded dystopian universe beyond imagination will only be available on Netflix. 

Title: Hellbound S2
Based on: Webtoon The Hellbound (Yeon Sang-ho, Choi Gyu-seok)
Directed by: Yeon Sang-ho
Written by: Yeon Sang-ho, Choi Gyu-seok
Distributed by: Netflix
Produced by: Climax Studio, Wow Point
Co-produced by: Midnight Studio

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Where to watch Hellbound (2021)
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