Akira and Akira (2022) – Movie Trailer

Akira and Akira (2022) – Movie Trailer | Based on the novel by Jun Ikeido

Based on the novel by Jun Ikeido, “Akira and Akira” is a Japanese drama film directed by Takahiro Miki, and stars Ryoma Takeuchi and Ryusei Yokohama in the lead. The film is scheduled to be released on August 26, 2022.

Akira Yamazaki (Ryoma Takeuchi) and Akira Kaido (Ryusei Yokohama) are recent hires at Industrial Central Bank. Even though they are fierce rivals and thrive in their own fields, their upbringings are very dissimilar. Akira Yamazaki’s family fled in the middle of the night after his father’s small factory went out of business when he was a little child. As a result of his experience, he desires to become a banker to save people. Akira Kaido, on the other hand, was a member of an affluent family that owns a significant business. His mannerism while working is calm and composed. He refuses to be the next president and continues to fight against the ties of blood.

As if led by fate, the two joined one of Japan’s leading megabanks at the same time, and although they were at odds with each other due to their differences in beliefs, they competed fiercely as rivals. As A result of sticking to his own beliefs, Akira Yamazaki receives a demotion because of a case. He was dragged into a bloody battle between the relatives of the Kaido family.

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Meanwhile, Akira Kaido continues to be successful at work, but his family’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy due to their family-oriented management style. The employees there and their families are all in a crisis. The fates of Akira Yamazaki and Akira Kaido once more intersect as this desperate situation unfolds.

Movie: Akira and Akira (Japanese: アキラとあきら)
Director: Takahiro Miki
Cast: Starring: Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真), Ryusei Yokohama (横浜流星), Moka Kamishiraishi (上白石萌歌), Eiji Okuda (奥田瑛二), and Yosuke Eguchi (江口洋介).
Writer: Jun Ikeido (novel), Natsuko Ikeda
Cinematographer: Hiroo Yanagida
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Release Date: August 26, 2022

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