‘Keep Breathing’ (Netflix) Review: Too Generic a Survival Fare and Most of the Time Predictable

‘Keep Breathing’ (Netflix) Review: Too Generic a Survival Fare and Most of the Time Predictable

Netflix’s limited series “Keep Breathing,” starring Melissa Barrera, is a new six-episode survival drama set somewhere in the Canadian wilderness.

Plot: When a small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, a lone survivor must battle the elements — and her personal demons — to stay alive.

The series opens on a promising note when a small plane carrying three crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Liv (Melissa Barrera), a young lawyer from New York, is the lone survivor of the tragic occurrence who must fight for her survival.

Barrera’s Liv has a troubled past that plays in flashbacks, and we get to know her independent nature that further justifies her emotions and her abilities to be resourceful in such a situation when she is lost in the woods with no help around.

In leading up to her desperate situation, she sees the pilot dies in his seat, then, his accomplice eventually succumbs to his injuries. Now, Liv is on her own and must believe that she can survive. She figures out how to make fire and a compass and even encounters a bear, and uses her ability to dive deep into the river to recover equipment from the submerged plane.

With all these playing around, ‘Keep Breathing’ seems intriguing, but hold on. The storyline and narrative style of the series falls short of its intriguing premise and beautiful cinematography. Although the glimpses into Liv’s life before the crash help to establish the character, they are not enough to capture the interest of viewers. It is too generic a survival fare and most of the time predictable.

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In any case, why does she make her unintended pregnancy the cause to keep trying to survive while confronting the horrors of her past? Why can’t her primary concern be with herself and not with her parents or partner or anyone else in her personal life?

However, there are a few positives to “Keep Breathing” that we must highlight. First off, Melissa Barrera gave a commendable performance, and we can only imagine how physically demanding this part was. Even in roles with more complicated characters, she can excel.

Second, with each episode lasting roughly 30 minutes, it’s a quick weekend viewing. And if you enjoy this particular genre, you may give it a shot or look for more on Netflix.

Melissa Barrera stars in “Keep Breathing”. Now Streaming on Netflix.

Genre: Survival drama
Created by: Martin Gero, Brendan Gall
Cast: Melissa Barrera, Jeff Wilbusch, Austin Stowell, Florencia Lozano, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Mike Dopud, Joselyn Picard, and Getenesh Berhe.
No. of episodes: 6
Original network: Netflix
Release Date: July 28, 2022

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