Mark of the Devil (Mexican Horror Film)

Mark of the Devil (Netflix’s Mexican Horror Film)

The Mexican horror film ‘Mark of the Devil’ (original title: La Marca del Demonio) is yet another film with a story involving demonic possession and exorcism. While the film begins quite well with its classic feel, the story somehow lets us down too soon.

‘Mark of the Devil’ follows two sisters who come in contact with an ancient satanic book releasing a very powerful demon that is linked to the possession of a priest with a troubled past.

Here is the movie trailer of ‘Mark of the Devil’

Well, the plot looks fine and the opening scene in which we see a boy being exorcised by an old priest looks promising. The boy eventually dies (at least it looks so, or he was still alive when the exorcist and the boy’s family decide to dispose of the body near a garbage dump) but we get a glimpse of a book lying under his bed.

The story then jumps to 30 years and we are introduced to a philologist Cecilia who happens to get the book for research, and she brings that to her home. Cecilia’s two daughters Camila and Fernanda start messing around with the book, eventually arising the demon.

Camila then gets possessed by the evil supernatural being and starts showing weird tendencies. While her parents do not believe in such supernatural things, Fernanda contacts a local priest Tomás to free her sister from this demonic possession.

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This is where we meet Tomás friend Karl, who happens to be the boy, who we saw at the start of the film who was dead, and his body was thrown at a remote location by the then priest.

So, as you can guess now, ‘Mark of the Devil’ is just another film with demonic possession as the theme. While the performance of each actor is decent, the storyline is too simplistic to bring out anything interesting from it. The ending, however, will leave you with a few questions and with a mixed feeling for the key character Karl.

Cast and Other Details of ‘Mark of the Devil’ / The Devil’s Mark

Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Eivaut Rischen, Arantza Ruiz, Omar Fierro, Nicolasa Ortíz-Monasterio, Oliver Nava, and Lumi Cavazos.
Director: Diego Cohen
Writer: Ruben Escalante Mendez
Language: Spanish
Country: Mexico

Where to watch The Devil's Mark (2020) / La Marca del Demonio
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