A Cure for Wellness – A Confusing Yet Interesting Storyline

A Cure For Wellness - Movie Review

Director Gore Verbinski’s psychological horror-thriller “A Cure for Wellness” is an intelligent thriller with an interesting plotline.

The film keeps the suspense for a long, as we wonder about the goals of the story – which may or may not be answered in the end. At least, when you’re watching a film from the director of three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the horror hit THE RING (2002), you might relish the overall experience.

I watched the movie because of its amazing trailer that literally gives away nothing in terms of the storyline. Interesting it is, as those glimpses of shots make you even more curious to watch the film.

Well, many of us might think that the film is not just about one specific thing but has different layers for us to follow. Let’s first check out the trailer and the basic plotline, before we discuss further.

A Cure for Wellness – Watch the Movie Trailer

‘A Cure for Wellness’ follows a young and ambitious executive Lockhart who is sent by his office superiors to retrieve his company’s CEO from a remote but mysterious “wellness center” located in the tranquil most Swiss Alps. Soon after he arrives, he senses the sinister motives of the director of the wellness center, Dr. Heinreich Volmer, where many are admitted for some enigmatic illness.

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Driven by his only goal to take back his company’s CEO Mr. Pembroke, he starts unraveling the terrifying secrets and history of the place. After facing an accident, he too gets admitted to the hospital but very soon he also finds himself diagnosed with the same mysterious illness for which he must fight his way out.

‘A Cure for Wellness’ is certainly confusing as every patient/visitor in the wellness center looks alright but expects treatment for something for which they don’t have any clue. All the patients we see on screen are old except a very young girl Hannah who is left by her parents – again for that inexplicable disease.

While on one side we see Lockhart’s ambition holds him back even in that creepy, claustrophobic atmosphere, there are people who are holding on to something or other and don’t have the intention to leave the place.

Leaving aside the fantasy elements, we can see that the film has enough references to the modern lifestyle where people have either been trapped in situations and extreme desires or exploited by others. The use of elixir and eels is also very interesting as the fantasy line of the story deals with immortality.

Even after the film ends, we are bound to have many questions. That might ask you to watch it again, but it is extremely lengthy that goes against the film. As far as acting is concerned, all three key characters: Dane DeHaan as Lockhart; Jason Isaacs as Dr. Heinreich Volmer; and Mia Goth as Hannah are perfectly cast.

If you have watched the film and would like to share your review or general feedback on the story, please write to us in the comment section below. You may also post your questions about the film, for which we would try to answer those.

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A Cure for Wellness – Other Details

Release Date/Year: 17 February 2017
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth
Direction: Gore Verbinski
Screenplay: Justin Haythe
Story: Justin Haythe & Gore Verbinski

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