Dismissed (2017) – Movie Review

Dismissed (2017) - Movie Review

In “Dismissed,” a bright student stalks his high school English teacher to obtain a grade A in the subject. With a history of mental imbalance, it seems he can go to any extent to get what he wants. 

“Dismissed” follows a studious school kid Lucas Ward, who is hell-bent to get what he wants. He is passionate about English and gets an A in every other subject in different schools. So, when Mr. Buttler gives him a B+ in his English paper, Lucas suddenly turned a psychopath. He not only stalks his teacher in his daily life but also tried to frame him in the worst possible way.

This Netflix thriller “Dismissed” is certainly scary and disturbing, when we think of a psychotic person doing terrible things to others. The character Lucas (to some might look a little over-the-top) with a dark and twisted storyline and weirdness in mannerism by Dylan Sprouse make this an interesting watch, although could have been a lot better.

The film has good performance and a great plotline, but sloppy direction eventually drives this film to a happy ending – which is a little deviation from what we usually expect from this genre. There is no effort to sketch a decent backstory, and at the same time, not-so-impressive camera work further makes this a little disappointing.

“Dismissed” could have been a great movie if the makers had tried to explore a more complex portrayal of psychopathic behavior. There is some amount of realistic portrayal of the character, but all those insane things happen a little faster without instilling enough suspense or thrill. Nevertheless, you may give it a go on Netflix.

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Starring: Kent Osborne, Dylan Sprouse, Rae Gray, Alycia Delmore, Robert Longstreet, Chris Bauer, Randall Park, Mitchell Edwards, Victoria Zeutzius, Leslie Thurston, and Matthew J. Evans.
Director: Benjamin Arfmann
Writer: Brian McAuley

“Dismissed” is now streaming on Netflix. If you have already watched the film, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. We would like to include your review inside this post with due credit.  

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