Month: February 2019

‘Tiger House’ (2015) – A Fast-Paced Home-Invasion Action Thriller

Thomas Daley directed ‘Tiger House’ is a fast-paced home-invasion film and an entertaining one, even though it is generic and predictable. Kaya Scodelario stars in this low-profile but indeed good enough for a DVD release. One thing we must appreciate about the film is its plotline, performance, and some attempt toward character development. ‘Tiger House’ […]

Going In Style – A Feel-Good ‘Heist’ Comedy Film

Oscar winners Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin make this comedy Going in Style a must-watch, as we love these supremely talented actors, and of course in a story that talks about everlasting friendship and happiness we share with our loved ones. Going in Style is one of those films that brings a smile […]

Gun City – A crime drama set in 1920s Spain

Netflix’s 2018 crime drama ‘Gun City’ (original title – La sombra de la ley) is a good Spanish film we have seen recently. The film that has won three Goya Awards, including Artistic Direction and Best Cinematography (Josu Inchaustegui), follows characters in a chaotic 1920s Spain when the country was reeling under corruption amid political […]

FORGOTTEN (2017) – Korean Mystery Thriller (Must-Watch)

Directed by Jang Hang-ju, the South Korean mystery thriller film ‘FORGOTTEN’ (original title – Gi-eok-ui bam) follows the bonding between two brothers that starts to break after one gets kidnapped – and returns with no memory of the past 19 days. FORGOTTEN is probably one of the finest movies I have watched recently. Such a […]

Unplanned (Trailer) – Story of anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson

The trailer for one of the much-anticipated films of 2019 ‘Unplanned’ is finally here. Based on the autobiographical book by Abby Johnson, the film narrates the story of the pro-life activist, highlighting the issue of abortion in the United States. Directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, ‘Unplanned’ follows the life of Abby Johnson when […]

Mona (2012) – Latvian Cinema Review

Latvian filmmaker Inara Kolmane’s MONA is an artistic take on the everyday life and human psyche of a very small countryside town in Latvia, where it seems the only profession one can really have is, in fact, in and around a slaughterhouse. The Spanish-language film follows Mona — a young vibrant lady, yet the settings […]

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