Joker Origin movie gets go-ahead


The much-anticipated untitled film on Joker’s origin with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead has finally got a go-ahead from Warner Bros. While it was always in talks, the arch-nemesis of Batman finally has got its standalone movie. The filming is scheduled to begin in September.

In the most recent movie, the Clown Prince of Crime was played by Jared Leto in 2016’s “Suicide Squad” movie, who is also in talks with the studio for a solo movie that is separate from the Origin one. We can understand, for Leto – this is kind of a strange situation.

As the name suggests, Joker origin will delve into the backstory of the fictional supervillain character of DC Comics. Considering the portrayal of the character in comic books and subsequently in a few films, this has been one of the popular most characters in the comic world.

Joker has been played by many and the most recent and iconic one, if I may say, would be Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” (the second one in The Dark Knight Trilogy) in which Heath Ledger epitomizes the character.

One thing that might seem a bit odd to many is that there will be two standalone Joker films being developed by Warner Bros. Nevertheless, what we want to see is the storyline which ought to be unique and potential to build an individual franchise.

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The storyline of the proposed Phoenix starrer Joker film, as per reports, will be darker. So, at least we are not expecting this to be any comical in nature. In addition, the Joker Origin Movie will not be a part of DC Extended Universe but under a new label dubbed “DC Dark” or “DC Black”.

As per the latest news, Frances McDormand will play the role of Joker’s mother while it is likely that we might see Robert De Niro in some character. Well, as per some earlier reports – we are not too sure though, but Martin Scorsese might be a part of the creative process. No doubt, this is going to be an interesting project.

We will know more about the Joker origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix in the next few weeks. As we wait to learn more about the film, let’s watch an amusing fan-made trailer:

FAN-MADE Trailer – THE JOKER ORIGINS (2019) – Teaser Trailer | Joaquin Phoenix

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