Identical (2011) – They Are Identical Only in Looks


“Identical twin brothers–one is good, and the other is evil. They need each other to exist, but each harbors deep resentments that threaten to destroy their bond. Both fall for the same woman, resulting in a passionate love triangle. Long-held secrets are finally and inevitably revealed, ultimately leading to murder.”

Inspired by true events and based on the book: “Memoirs of a Murder” by Daniel Bollag, the movie Identical is dark, complex, twisted, and yet, entertaining with moments of psychological collisions. Although predictable to some extent, it will surprise you with some intelligent twists and turns.

Rich and Mark (played by Jonathan Togo) are identical twins although nature wise they are polls apart. Mark is a successful businessman who is facing charges of money laundering and Rich is an artist, an easy-go person, who loves to paint and write poems all day long.

Mark asks Rich to take his office assistant Shelly for a cocktail party where eventually Rich falls in love with Shelly. Mark, too, loves the girl thence starts a love triangle. After a while, when Shelly chooses Mark over his twin brother, Rich begins to become violent just like his evil twin.

As Rich becomes more and more obsessive by nature, the film totally turns into a complex psychological ride where you may find yourself very much confused with the nature of both the characters. Jonathan Togo as both Mark and Rich delivers a power-packed performance, even though the narrative sometimes goes lazy and hazy. 

Nevertheless, probably the writer wanted to leave the narrative and the plot exactly that way in order to keep you guessing that eventually will surprise you till the end. Identical is indeed entertaining by all means. 

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Starring: Jonathan Togo, Emily Foxler, Ed Asner, Aaron Refvem, Coach Pr, Kelly Baugher, among others.
Directed by: Daniel Bollag, Seo Mutarevic
Cinematography by Seo Mutarevic
Release Date/Year: December 1, 2011

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