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Looking at only numbers in the title, you probably would not guess anything in this new supernatural thriller named “7500.” I usually don’t watch movies after reading a complete review, so I went for this movie without even knowing that it’s a supernatural movie. But soon after I know that it’s a Takashi Shimizu film, I end up raising my expectation up to the level of Grudge and Ju-on.

Just to begin with, the film starts with an ensemble cast consisting flight crew members and passengers boarding a transpacific flight 7500 that departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. Minutes after the flight takes off unusual things start occurring.

First they experience a huge turbulence that leaves a middle-aged man named Lance in a panic attack followed by incessant bleeding from his mouth and eventually death. The captain decides to continue the 10-hour long journey to Tokyo without an emergency landing. From the beginning of the film, you will get to know a very nice development of plot with characters; each having some kind of wish in their life or the discontent of missing out something.

No doubt, 7500 sets a fascinating premise where every character is different to each other. This includes a married couple who are about to call it the end of their togetherness; another married couple who seems to be on the north and south poll of each other; an airhostess who is in an affair with the pilot of the same plane, who is already married; a suspicious businessman; a thief who don’t even bother to steel from the dead body; a hippy girl and more.

Although writer Craig Robinson started it all well with nice characterisation, they all fall apart in the midway as the plot gets a bit too messy with its philosophical overtone. However, I must mention here that if the director/writer were sure of any one idea, be the supernatural presence with some kind of cultural belief or be it the development of any shady character, 7500 could have been a better movie to watch.

Nevertheless, as I usually don’t give any spoilers, I would like everyone to watch this but not as an out and out horror movie. 7500 does have few creepy moments but not enough to attract all horror movie buffs.

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Leslie Bibb, Nicky Whelan, Jamie Chung, Christian Serratos, Scout Taylor-Compton, Jerry Ferrara, Alex Frost, Johnathan Schaech
Directed by: Takashi Shimizu
Release Year: 2014

7500 official movie trailer (2014)



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