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American-Muscle Movie

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Honestly, American Muscle doesn’t deliver what it promises long before with its trailer release. Although it’s a revenge saga with a hell of a lot of killings, the screenplay lets down the whole project. I mean how come you bear a movie with a lame script and poor direction.

Debutant director Ravi Dhar’s American Muscle talks about a man John Falcon (Nick Principe) who after spending 10 years in prison is out in the world to take revenge on those who are responsible for his hard time. Now he has got 24 hours to find everyone of those.

This is a bit different from other vengeance tales, as here John is seeking out to ask questions to his family members: his younger brother Sam (Todd Farmer) and lady love (Robin Sydney). The reason for his torment is not just the jail term but also the love affair between his lady love and Sam.

American Muscle is all mindless actions, killings and people addicted to drugs, tits, tattoos, and guns. When a man with muscle and tattoos is out of prison to take revenge, it’s all raining blood with endless gunfights. So watch it if you can see barrels of blood and a man who is out to destroy everything he loves.

I would have really liked the movie, had the director explored the script a bit more. I mean not just the action; a little more sensitive background story would have tempted the audience till the last minute of the film otherwise it is very predictable.

Starring: Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Robin Sydney, George P. Wilbur, Jennifer Wenger and Trent Haaga.
Director: Ravi Dhar

Movie Trailer: American Muscle



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