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I remember when I first got the DVD of the movie “Into the Wild” (2007); I was unable to continue watching this for 15 minutes with an impression that the film is very slow. Well, when I finally watched it, it was just a surreal experience for me. Same in the case of the THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF, and if you unwearyingly watch for few minutes, you will soon understand where the film is heading.

The Yellow Handkerchief is a love story at its core, and unlike the typical love story of two teens this one is totally different, even if you have two teenage on screen. The film tells the story of three people who happens to meet by chance and finally share an unusual bond; probably their loneliness brought them close, to experience their life together.

Brett Hanson (William Hurt), who is fresh out of prison after a 6-year-long jail term for manslaughter, finds it weird to cope with his past although eager to start a life afresh. On his way from a cafe, he meets a lonely and troubled teenager Martine (Kristen Stewart) who yearns to stay away from home, and an atypical restless guy Gordy (Eddie Redmayne), who seems to be everywhere seeking love and friendship, even with his attempt to get close to Martine.

All three embark on a road trip through post Katrina Louisiana, their relationship forge and change as they all try to look at their past and search for ways to meet their need of acceptance. While Martine and Gordy develops a bond out of cold, Brett tries to forget his painful past, and must decide whether he wants to return to the woman he left behind, his ex-wife May (Maria Bello).

Going by the uncertainty of life, the unpredictable events that have the potential to change the course of life at any time, just like the hurricane Katrina, all the three protagonists in The Yellow Handkerchief have to come to terms in their life, accepting it as a second chance. Although the storyline doesn’t impress you much, the simplicity in which Director Udayan Prasad portrayed this drama and romance is all praiseworthy.  

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