‘Big George Foreman’ (Trailer): A Miraculous Tale of George Foreman, a Champion’s Comeback

‘Big George Foreman’ (Trailer): A Miraculous Tale of George Foreman, a Champion's Comeback

“Big George Foreman” is a biographical film about George Foreman’s career as a world heavyweight boxing champion. George Tillman Jr. directs the picture, which stars Khris Davis as the main character.


Enter the world of the Miraculous Tale, where the future of a heavyweight champion rests on the spectacular true story of an epic comeback and the wondrous magic of second chances. George Foreman, a fighter from humble beginnings, harnessed his rage and turned it into Olympic gold and world championship titles. Following a perilous brush with death, Foreman left the boxing world behind to preach the good word. However, upon witnessing the spiritual and financial hardships of his community, Foreman returns to the ring and shatters records, as he reclaims his crown, etching his name in history as the most unexpected and oldest World Heavyweight Boxing Champion to ever exist.

Watch the trailer here for “Big George Foreman”

George Foreman the iconic boxer

George Foreman is regarded as one of the most recognizable boxers of all time. He was born in 1949 in Marshall, Texas, and grew up in poverty. At an early age, Foreman sought consolation in boxing and harnessed his innate power to become a dominant force in the sport. He earned a gold medal in the 1968 Olympics before becoming World Heavyweight Champion in 1973, defeating Joe Frazier in one of boxing’s biggest upsets. In 1977, Foreman’s career took a drastic turn when he lost to Muhammad Ali in the famed “Rumble in the Jungle” fight. Following his defeat, Foreman resigned from boxing and devoted his life to religion, eventually becoming a minister.

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It took a decade for Foreman to make his incredible comeback, coming to the ring at the age of 38 and earning the World Heavyweight title for the second time in 1994, making him the oldest fighter ever to hold the belt. His narrative exemplifies the power of perseverance and the significance of second opportunities.

Directed by George Tillman Jr.
Written by Frank Baldwin & George Tillman Jr.
Starring: Khris Davis, Jasmine Mathews, John Magaro, Sullivan Jones, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Sonja Sohn, and Forest Whitaker
Cinematography: David Tattersall, John Matysiak
Release date: April 28, 2023

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