On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace (2017)

On Yoga The Architecture of Peace

Director Heitor Dhalia’s On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace is based on Michael O’Neill’s book of the same name – published by Taschen. This is an incredible documentary on the power of Yoga and how the practice can elevate our feelings and experience about life. Well, you need to be a little more spiritual or at least some kind of inclination to meditation – in order to enjoy this film. There has been so much conversation our human life, meditation and how Yoga is no religious practice rather a way of life or something much more informal that alone attracts many of us these days, away from our modern day life full of luxury.

The film follows acclaimed photographer O’Neill who narrates his journey in understanding the philosophy and spirituality of Yoga. He spent over a decade meeting and photographing people and gurus practicing Yoga in different place, primarily in India and Tibet. The film also captures the point of views of different people and their effort to capture calmness or finding/listening to their inner-self through meditation.

On one side, the film is a visual story of Yoga to understand how it looks like or how it has been practiced by different schools or the intensity of various postures (asanas), on the other side, it’s a narration or documentation of the personal path of many people and the philosophy attached to their thoughts. The commentary and the many conversation about inner self is indeed amazing. Probably, I need to watch this few more times to understand the deeper messages.

The sound design very well compliments the story and cinematography is exquisite in taking us through a spiritual journey. However, as I mentioned earlier – you will connect to the films or the messages, if you are a little spiritual in nature. It was easier for me to sit through the entire one and half hour of the film as I have a background with meditation as it was a routine for us here in India and being a Hindu. Nevertheless, Yoga doesn’t belong to any particular religion so I am sure everyone will find this documentary and journey interesting.

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In the end, I would like to believe that the makers of the documentary On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace is simply not to find out or showcase the best of snaps from Michael O’Neill’s library but also to praise or highlight the essence of Yoga with very appropriate explanations by different personalities and Yoga practitioners. Those conversations were necessary in order to add more substance to those striking images that symbolizes the path of spirit and consciousness.

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Starring: Michael O’Neill

Genres: Documentaries, Social & Cultural Documentaries

Director: Heitor Dhalia

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