Love Actually (2003) – Love Is All-Around

Love Actually (2003) – Love is All-Around

Screenplay writer Richard Curtis (“Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill”) for the first time directed his own screenplay with an ensemble star cast in LOVE ACTUALLY (2003).

On the course of a particular eventful Christmas, or say the weeks before the celebration, the film throws you into an ocean of love stories, filled with surprises in terms of storyline and acting.

The film is set with a number of interwoven love stories in which some are longing for love, some are just looking to have an affair, some trying to move away from a relationship for a new one, and some are even going through a period of mourning.

LOVE ACTUALLY shows many love angles among individuals of different backgrounds, different social levels, and at all ages. The movie is based entirely on the theme of love.

So many loves stories: there is Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant) who is drawn to the outspoken girl Natalie in her office working as catering manager, who serves him tea every now and then; recent widower Daniel (Liam Neeson), who is trying to help his stepson (Thomas Sangster) to attract the attention of the coolest girl in school; John and Judy who have just fallen in love on the sets while acting in an erotic film.

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There is more as in: a man Mark (Andrew Lincoln) who is in love with his best friend’s new bride (Keira Knightley); Harry (Alan Rickman), who secretly looks for his secretary, Mia, who is constantly hitting on him; a heartbroken writer (Colin Firth) is falling for his maid Aurelia, a young Portuguese woman, even though they don’t understand each other language; a waiter Colin who believes that if he goes to America all his dream of romance, love and sex will come true; and an old rock star (Bill Nighy) hoping for a comeback with a cheesy Christmas single.

Well, I forgot to count the number of love stories in this movie and you might even find a few more. Nevertheless, the best thing is that at no point you will get confused with what’s happening on the screen. The movie is so well written that you will only find everything entertaining; LOVE ACTUALLY is a splendid love fest on Christmas Eve. 

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